Brand speaks for us

 1. Insurance

ACME, as the specialized service provider in the sphere of insurance, with decades of its experience and expertise, understand the multifarious risks associated with the management consultants and business advisors.


We offer extensive packages covering that can be tailored to the needs of your business-


Why ACME...

  • Talented professionals
  • Timely and professional help
  • Technological updating for easy contact
  • Customer friendly practices

Our professionals help you in the contexts like;

  • On a daily basis,
  • Unintentional incidents
  • An error in a piece of work,
  • An accident at your premises
  • Theft of expensive computer
  • Serious financial impact on your business.

Our specialist insurance for business advisors and management consultants can cover your organization against such risks.

(2) Food

Our engagement with the food and beverage industry has made us a faithful brand advisor to leading global food companies across a variety of categories and the food & beverage value chain.

ACME advisors play a relevant role in fostering food & beverage retailers design, manufacturers and activate strategic programs.

We can do for you;

  • Obtain loyalty with fickle consumers
  • Identify neglected and underserved customer segments within a market,
  • Spot new markets and product categories,
  • Work upon operational efficiency
  • Optimize trade spend
  • Engineer efficient supply chains

ACME identifies client needs 

Our experienced expertise of the advisors make it possible to understand the challenges of the manufacturers’ business challenges in today’s marketplace, and just encouraging the clients by taking into considerations the aspects like;

  • The winning value proposition for customers and consumers
  • The way to place a firm to capitalize on long-term consumption trends
  • How to organize resources to capitalize on changing consumer trends and needs.
  • Info about the Strategic Market Position (SMP) along with methods to leverage our capabilities making possible the future growth.
  • Information about acquisition strategy and thus ACME deliberate on the capabilities that should be built to make companies function more efficiently.


(3) CFD

ACME bends the extensive areas of competence in the engineering disciplines of Contract For Difference (CFD).

Moreover, we take pride in positioning ourselves among one of the top brands in this field.

(4) IT Products

ACME can make a professional evaluation of your security needs, along with implementing novel technologies and controls, besides managing critical operations.


Our expertise in IT related services include;

  • Deep expertise
  • Talented pool of professionals
  • Our end-to-end solutions for traditional and next-generation technologies